Message from Artistic Director

Welcome from Footworks Dance Academy!

I am pleased to announce this is Footworks 27th year of operation in Barrhead. Footworks is a professional, accredited dance institution offering dance education to all levels and ages of dancers. Our main goal is to provide students with a fun and educational environment in which they will learn about music, performing and the art of dance.

The philosophy of the studio is that dance is fun. It’s a great way to develop strength, flexibility, and poise and meet friends. Along with this idea, it is important that students learn discipline and respect for the art of dance. We feel it is important that children feel confident and proud of their abilities and accomplishments. I strongly believe that students who pass through our program become strong, independent, confident, responsible leaders of our growing society – they don’t just learn to dance.

We are proud of our professional dancing facility. Having a fully equipped studio with full-length mirrors, dual height Barres, sound system and rebound sub floor (preventing injuries to the feet, knees and lower back) allows all students to achieve a full range of dance education in a safe and secure environment.

Professional teachers, who are devoted to their students and the programs, teach our students in a kind and respectful manner directing them in the understanding of teamwork, cooperation and compassion. They have only enhanced the quality of training at the Academy.

I was especially proud of our students involved in the S.T.E.P. Program, a student teaching education program that allowed Senior and Junior dancers to gain valuable student teaching experiences in weekly classes under the supervision of the teacher. I hope that these students may one day use the skills they have learned and eventually teach their own classes. Some of our graduating STEP students did teach their own classes this year and showed tremendous success with the journey with their students.

As I look back over the year, I see over 200+ smiling faces proud of their accomplishments and success in the challenge of learning to dance, sing and perform. Those smiles keep us all going, knowing that they are having fun.

Life is Great! Dance Makes it Better!

Irene Widdup

Artistic Director, C.T.R.A.D., B.Ed